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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood

Author- Kendare Blake 
page count- 316 
publisher- Tom Doherty
Publication Date- October 17th 2011


Cas Lowood is your typical teenage guy, lives with his mum and spirit sensing cat, travelling across the country, hunting dead people and ultimately searching for the spirit that killed his father… completely normal right?
Now Cas arrives in Ontario in search of Anna, Anna Dressed in Blood. And people like Anna, filled with murderous rage must be destroyed and it’s up to Cas to destroy it.
For Anna killing is nothing, no one’s life has been spared, except for Cas’. And as Anna’s story unravels Cas begins to understand her blood lust.

But what hope is there for a ghost and a ghost hunter?

My opinion 

Anna Dressed in Blood was surprisingly an amazing read, I’ll admit the plot intrigued me but I didn’t think I would actually like it. Horror is not really my thing, so I don’t really know why I picked it up, but I wasn’t expecting to finish it.  And yet despite all of that I couldn’t put it down.
Surprisingly what I really enjoyed was how the protagonist was male, after the absolute train wreck that is beautiful creatures I’ve always been weary around male protagonists but Cas was a really well written character that was so complex and three dimensional, I just loved him and it helped that he could really kick some ass, y’know being a ghost/demon hunter and all that.

“I’ve seen most of what there is to be afraid of in this world, and to tell you the truth, the worst of them are the ones that make you afraid in the light. The things that your eyes see plainly and can’t forget are worse than huddled black figures left to the imagination. Imagination has a poor memory; it slinks away and goes
blurry. Eyes remember for much longer.” 

What struck me as well was that Kendare Blake could have chosen to have made the unique? Romance the books selling point but she steered away from that, focusing instead on the characters and building the story whilst gradually introducing this heat between Cas and Anna, which was not only refreshing but very well executed.
Next moving onto the enigma that is Anna, Anna was a very raw character; you could almost feel the anger and sadness pouring from her but don’t be fooled because at some points she genuinely terrified me and at others all I wanted to do was give her a big hug and wrap her up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.
What I’m trying to say is just give this book a chance, you will probably find that you will surprisingly fall in love with it.

                                                                  Rating: 7.5/10

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