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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight 

Author- Jennifer E. Smith
Page count- 236
Publisher- Poppy/Little Brown
Publication Date- January 2nd 2012


how well can you know someone after 24 hours?

17 year old Hadley Sullivan is preparing for the worst day of her Life, her father's wedding, and if that isn't already bad enough the wedding is in an unfamiliar country, she's flying out alone,she's never even met her soon to be step-mother oh and she's missed her flight.
She's stuck at JKF airport late for her father's wedding waiting for her flight when she meets Oliver, British born, American student, Oliver who is sitting on her row.
The long night that Oliver and Hadley spend on the plane together sparks an unforgettable connection between the two but nonetheless passes within a blink of an eye. Upon arrival Oliver and Hadley loose track of each other but can fate intervene to bring them back together once more?

My opinion

If you were a fan of Anna and the French Kiss you'll love this book!

Although this book only takes place over a 24 hours period.... a 24 hour period for both the characters and the reader it feels like a life time, I developed such an attachment to this book- and I think I read it in like 2-3 hours but then again it is only 236 pages long- whether I loved this book so much due to the way it was written or how the characters were presented I don't know but the statistical probability of this book making you laugh and cry or just feel an epic bout of sympathy is high.
What I loved about this book was that firstly the author managed to give you a deep understanding of the characters and make you fall in love with them in only 236 pages I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW JENNIFER E. SMITH HAS MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK IN ONLY 236 PAGES as you can tell that baffles me quite a bit. and secondly the chemistry and flirty banter between Oliver and Hadley was a nice thing to read, it was gradually built up and maintained throughout the story.

“It's one thing to run away when someone's chasing you. It's entirely another to be running all alone.” 

Now this is not necessarily one of my favourite books but it was just so easy to read and despite what you might gleam from the title it's not as cheesy as you might think, and to me it was quite a thought provoking book that expresses the beauty of the teenage mind. I mean we've all played out the meeting your soul mate scenario in an airport in our heads haven't we?
*coughs* no? just me?

                                                            rating: 7/10

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