Saturday, 15 February 2014

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss overview:

Author- Stephanie Perkins
page count- 372
Publisher- Dutton Juvenile 
publication date- December 2nd 2010


Anna had a good life, the perfect job, the best friend, the crush but this all changes when she gets shipped off to boarding school in Paris by her film worthy novelist of a dad. Needless to say Anna is less than pleased about this change of plans, things were just going so well for her, or so she thought...
Anna is homesick and insecure about her lack of French finesse when along come a mismatched crew of best friends who expose Anna to what Paris has to offer and to St Clair, Anna's Parisian life isn't looking so bad now, but so much can happen in a year, can Anna find where she truly belongs and who she is?
And maybe who she truly belongs with?

My opinion 

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins just screams CUTE, and you'll probably see everyone say that but it really is just a damn cute book.

I really loved this book, when I first started reading it I was like 'eh it's not that good' but after a few chapters I was hooked, completely immersed in it. It's such an utterly charming, funny, romantic, feel good book that made my face hurt from smiling so much. It's a book about first love, friendship, family, the transition into adulthood and all the problems surrounding these.
The book has a brilliant set of characters that I wish were real so that I could be friends with them they aren't perfect and they do have their flaws but that's why I loved them so much I mean is there such thing as a perfect teenager? and the love story in the book is beautifully presented with just the right amount of swoon and teen drama added to it.
The main protagonist Anna is a very relatable and genuine character that's sarcastic and witty and I just loved her really, and well It wouldn't be a chick-lit without a completely swoon-worthy boy to drool over; French named, English accented and American schooled Etienne St Clair ticks all the boxes, I don't know how to describe him for you other than very hot.

“I wish friends held hands more often, like the children I see on the streets sometimes. I'm not sure why we have to grow up and get embarrassed about it.  

The romance between Etienne and Anna was cute (there's that word again) but it really was, their personal and relationship development and their magnetism was a really entertaining and pleasurable thing to read.

My favourite aspect of this book was how Anna calls St Clair "Etienne" whilst everyone else refers to him as 'St Clair' because it really shows the connection between these two and that distinct moment when Anna stops calling him 'St Clair' is a very defining moment in the book.


And the next two installments; Lola and the boy next door and Isla and the happily ever after, which follow a new set of charcters but fear not, feature our beloved Anna and Etienne!

                                                                 Rating: 9/10


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